Saturday, February 18, 2006

Installing New FlightGear Aircraft (Windows)

1) Open Winzip
2) "Click" on the "Open" button
3) Navigate to the downloaded aircraft file

4) answer "Yes"

5) make sure the "Path" column has a sub folder that will keep all this aircrafts files separate from any others eg in this case "Lightning\".

6) find the "Extract" button and "click" on it

7) navigate to the "[fg-root]/aircraft" folder
8) if in 5) above a separate folder didn't exist, create it eg. in this case it could've been "[fg-root]/aircraft/English-Electric-Lightning" but it did have "Lightning/......" so don't bother about creating a separate one (it'll stop FG from loading the A/C correctly)
9) Wait for the green light (bottom right) to come back on
10) start FG
11) ENJOY!!!!!