Friday, February 03, 2006

FG/FGSD Scenery development

This is a picture of Wellington (New Zealand) looking towards NZWN runway 16 (true bearing 161deg). Its taken slightly to the left and about 1000ft below glide-slope. Distance is about 5NM. Note the Miramar penninsula on the left and Mount Victoria on the right. On final approach you pass between the peaks of these two land marks.

This picture was taken with a 2Mega-pixel camera with 6x optical on 1x zoom.

This was taken with the same camera on full zoom.

Notice the fuel tanks to the left and boats in the bay, these are statics I hope to add to the final scenery.

Peter Jackson's "Welly-Wood" is just over the low range to the left of approach, mostly converted warehouses with a couple of custom built studios.
As you can see on a fine day visibility is 5NM plus.


This is taken from about 5NM on glide-slope. Notice the flattened terrain... basically, everywhere you can see. NZWN is built on a recovered bog that rose from the sea in a major earthqukae about 1890. You wouldn't really guess it from the terrain presented here.

Do note the road to the right. This in fact is a deep gorge and carries 50% of the traffic in and out of Wellington. It is bumper to bumper in the rush-hour.

This is taken from roughly the same position, after about a weeks editing with FGSD.

Note the increased elevations to the right and left of approach and the radio mast on the top of the hill to the right.

The Ngauranga Gorge is not perfect but more noticable.

I haven't really touched the mid-city (to the right) elevations yet.


This is "raw" 099/0910 scenery.

Notice ...more contoured gorge to the left, better elevations to the right and left of glide-slope, and better elevations in the background of the city.

Most of the railway to the left is in a tunnel...something to address....this would be enhanced with a few static objects.... there are fuel tanks just to the left of the threshold, a medium radio mast on the peak of the right hand hill, and a wind turbine to the right in the background.

A few static yatches in the foreground would look good too.... watch this space.