Monday, January 16, 2006

Why Flight Gear?

My situation;
I have dialup access although I have various relatives and friends with high speed that I can call upon.
I have a P1, 166Mhz, 192Mbyte RAM, S3 Trio64V + pci video card. It's networked with my partners P4 1.8Ghz, nVidia 32Mbyte Video, 256 Mbyte Ram PC.

My Story
I was looking for a free fight simulator.....I found a small sim called "YS-Flight"... it was scenery, limited planes and combat oriented. hmmm... there must be something better.......Found Flight's big (v098a)... never mind, if I can download it over-night I'll give it a go.... fate must have played her hand because the dial-up connection stayed up and I had 098a.... Now for the scenery.... 3 downloads each of about 65Mbytes.... fate will be tested tonight..... yahoo!!!

My Experience
Q) Why stick with Flight Gear?
A) I had a large investment in time in it already, even before even running it. Give it a try, if I had any major gripes, I could change.

Q) Did it run first time?
A) 098a did run out of the box. The limited documentation gave me enough that I knew I'd need at least a joystick. $NZ35 later and I had a joystick and started on my around New Zealand tour.

Q) Was the scenery good enough to keep you hooked?
A) I'm still here aren't I?....then I found I could modify the scenery to make it better!!!

Q) How did you find this out?
A) I asked! in the user-list first and from then my adoption papers into the FG family seemed to have been signed, sealed and delivered. I got such positive responses and suggestions, then got pointed to the Flight Gear developers list.... then the FGSD list...etc......

Q) And what happened to all the suggestions etc on these lists.
A) FGv099!!!!!!!... from what I've seen and heard this is awesome... even though I can't run it at the moment

Q) Why can't you run 099?
A) Good question...alot of suggestions and assistance...even to the extent of people compiling "special" versions to try and isolate the problem. It seems than the video hardware on my partners PC (Nvidia 32 Mbyte), while OK for 098a isn't good enough for 099.

Q) So you changed now you can't fly in the new version.
A) NOOOOO!!!! I can still fly in the 098a version. I can still make things better for 098a and 099 users by making the scenery around New Zealand better. I can still model 3-D objects for local land marks. Why would I change... either I will get better hardware or FG will support the existing hardawre... either way I belong to a family now.... The spirit and enthusiasm of these people is infectious... Flight Gear is my Fsim of choice ...Flight Gear is my Flight sim virtual family

Q) but you wouldn't have all these "bugs" and "issues" to sort with a "proper" flight sim like MSFS2004!!!
A) OH??????.... you sure about that? or is it just that I wouldn't get the support from the development and user team? Any way ...why pay the richest man more money for a faulty product that he won't support in 2 years?

Q) Is there anything I could say to make you change?
A) " The site, the user,devel and all the mail lists have been blown away."

Q) What would you do then?
A) Search for the new FG site....